USAT Southeast Region - Junior High Performance Team & Race Series
Southeast Region Junior Team  
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The team is comprised of talented youth (13-15) and junior (16-19) aged athletes from around the Southeast Region.  Look for them at all the races on the Southeast Junior Talent ID Race Circuit and many other races across the country and Southeast Region.

The Southeast Junior Team is a recognized USA Triathlon High Performance Team.  High Performance Teams play an integral role in the identification, recruitment, development, and age-appropriate competitive preparation of emerging youth elite, junior elite and senior elite athletes.  The goal being to develop well-rounded athletes capable of success at the highest levels of competition and progression within the USAT Sport Performance Program.

To apply for the team, send a race resume, complete contact information for athlete and parents, contact information for a reference from a coach, list of goals and proposed race schedule to  Athlete selections are made in November for the following year's team.

2012 SE Junior High Performance Team Roster 
The Southeast Region is pleased to announce the following roster of athletes who have been selected for the 2012 Southeast Junior Team.  Congratulations to all!

Stay tuned...announcement coming in mid January!

2011 SE Junior High Performance Team Roster
Athlete selections for the 2011 team are finalized and the roster is listed below.  The 2011 team is comprised of 40 talented youth (13-15) and junior (16-19) aged athletes from around the Southeast Region.  

SE Junior Team Results for 2011
Junior Elite National Championship Triathlon, Chula Vista, CA, 8/7/11
Southeast Junior Team wins 2nd place Developmental Team Championship
Music City Sprint Triathlon, Nashville, TN, 7/24/11
Flatlands Youth & Junior Elite Cup, Des Moines, IA, 7/16/11
Monroe Youth & Junior Elite Cup, Monroe, WA, 6/25/11
Buster Britton Triathlon, Pelham, AL, 6/11/11
Rock n Roll Sprint Triathlon, Macon, GA, 6/4/11
Clemson Triathlon, Clemson, SC, 5/14/11
2010 SE Junior High Performance Team Roster
The Southeast Junior Team is entering its second season as a recognized USA Triathlon High Performance Team.  High Performance Teams play an integral role in the identification, recruitment, development, and age-appropriate competitive preparation of emerging youth elite, junior elite and senior elite athletes.  The goal being to develop well-rounded athletes capable of success at the highest levels of competition and progression within the USAT Sport Performance Program.
The Southeast Region is pleased to announce the following roster of athletes who have been selected for the 2010 Southeast Junior Team.  Congratulations to all!
Junior Women
Johanna Gartman            Chattanooga, TN
Jennifer Walz                  Savannah, GA
Sara Allen                      Alpharetta, GA
Anna Lines                     Nashville, TN
Youth Women
Nicole Chrzanowski        Peachtree City, GA
Devon Dabney                Atlanta, GA
Sarah Kate Gartman       Chattanooga, TN
Madison Honeycutt         Tifton, GA
Allison James                  Peachtree City, GA
Hannah Meadows           Atlanta, GA
Delaney Miller                 McDonald, TN
Ashley Powell                 Valdosta, GA
Hope Van Ryckeghem    Franklin, TN
Janelle Wigul                   Chattanooga, TN
Junior Men
Christopher Brahm          Huntsville, AL
Alex Dayton                    Kingsport, TN
Cody Dorsey                   Locust Grove, GA
Luke Farkas                    Franklin, TN
Hunter Honeycutt            Tifton, GA
Morgan Marable              Franklin, TN
Medford McDonald         Tifton, GA
Patrick O'brien                Mc Donald, TN
Matthew Schaefer            Norcross, GA
Thomas Jacob Shults       Owens Cross Roads, AL
Youth Men
Caden Ewing                   Destin, FL
Jake Fikse                       Smyrna, GA
Zion Gray                        Snellville, GA
Will James                       Peachtree City, GA
Alex Marshall                  Alpharetta, GA
Clay Marshall                  Alpharetta, GA
Seth Rider                       Germantown, TN
Matthew Stanley             Acworth, GA
Sawyer Willingham          Simpsonville, SC
SE Junior Team Results for August 2010
Southeast Region Team wins USA Triathlon National Championship Team Relay event at USAT Junior National Championships in San Diego, CA!
The winning relay team included Johanna Gartman, Hunter Honeycutt and Luke Farkas, all of whom made the podium in their individual events the day prior.  The team fielded four other relay teams and had many top ten finishers in the junior elite, youth elite and youth events through the championship weekend.
They also earned third in the Developmental Team standings for the year.  Congratulations!
Team Relay – 1st (Johanna Gartman, Hunter Honeycutt, Luke Farkas)
Johanna Gartman – 2nd Jr Elite F
Hunter Honeycutt – 2nd Jr Elite M
Luke Farkas – 3rd Jr Elite M
Devon Dabney – 3rd Youth Elite F
Alex Marshall – 3rd Youth Elite M
Will James – 1st Youth 13-15 M
Sawyer Willingham – 7th Youth Elite M
Caden Ewing – 10th Youth Elite M
Matt Stanley – 14th Youth Elite M
Seth Rider – 50th Youth Elite M
Hannah Meadows – 22nd Youth Elite F
Sara Kate Gartman – 24th Youth Elite F
Ashley Powell – 31st Youth Elite F
Madison Honeycutt – 48th Youth Elite F
Patrick Obrien – 30th Jr Elite M
Med McDonald – Jr Elite M
Kira Stanley – 2nd Youth 9-10
Tommy Powell – 12th Youth 9-10
Robbie Powell – 26th Youth 11-12
Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon, Peachtree City, GA 8/21/10
Sawyer Willingham 1:02:55, 3rd Overall M
Devon Dabney 1:07:55, 2nd Overall F
Caden Ewing 1:08:13, 1st 13-15M
Jake Fikse 1:09:04, 2nd 13-15M
Will James 1:09:49, 3rd 13-15M
Clay Marshall 1:12:30, 4th 13-15M
Zion Gray 1:17:06, 5th 13-15M
Matt Stanley 1:22:05, 7th 13-15M
Matt Schaefer 1:03:50, 1st 16-19M
Med McDonald 1:05:57, 2nd 16-19M
Cody Dorsey 1:08:48, 5th 16-19M
Nicole Chrzanowski 1:15:39, 1st 13-15F
Delaney Miller 1:19:50, 2nd 13-15F
Janelle Wigal 1:23:31, 3rd 13-15F
Mountain Lakes Triathlon, Guntersville, AL 8/14/10
Jake Fikse 1:14:18, 1st 13-15M
Clay Marshall 1:17;45, 2nd 13-15M
Nicole Chrzanowski 1:23:16, 1st 13-15F
Janelle Wigal 1:26:25, 2nd 13-15F
Delaney Miller 1:27:14, 3rd 13-15F
Matt Schaefer 1:10:44, 2nd 16-19M
Jacob Shults 1:11:44, 3rd 16-19M
Morgan Marable 1:13:58, 5th 16-19M
SE Junior Team Results for July 2010
Music City Sprint Triathlon, Nashville, TN 7/25/10
Luke Farkas 56:11, 1st Overall M       
Devon Dabney 1:07:09, 2nd Overall F
Hunter Honeycutt 1:00:21, 2nd Overall M    
Johanna Gartman 1:09:26, 3rd Overall F
Anna Lines 1:13:43, 1st 16-19F
Hannah Meadows 1:11:05, 1st 13-15F
Sarah Gartman 1:15:19, 2nd 13-15F
Ashley Powell 1:15:34, 3rd 13-15F
Nicole Chrzanowski 1:23:52, 4th 13-15F
Hope Van Ryckeghem 1:28:32, 5th 13-15F
Morgan Marable 1:07:29, 1st 16-19M
Alex Marshall 1:02:35, 1st 13-15M
Caden Ewing 1:07:50, 2nd 13-15M
Jake Fikse 1:11:18, 3rd 13-15M
Clay Marshall 1:12:32, 4th 13-15M
Zion Gray 1:13:03, 5th 13-15M
Will James 1:13:29, 6th 13-15M
Seth Rider 1:17:10, 7th 13-15M
Tellico Sprint Triathlon, Knoxville, TN 7/18/10
Ashley Powell 1:30:38, 1st 13-15F          Will James 1:23:14, 1st 13-15M
Morgan Marable 1:19:59, 1st 16-19M      Jacob Shults, 3rd 16-19M
Sunfish Summer Triathlon, MS 7/10/10
Delaney Miller 1:33:11, 1st 13-15F
Caden Ewing 1:18:42, 1st 13-15M
Jake Fikse 1:22:14, 2nd 13-15M
Flatlands Youth & Junior Elite Cup, Des Moines, IO 7/10/10
Devon Dabney 4th Youth Elite F
Sara Kate Gartman 12th Youth Elite F
Hope Van Ryckeghem 28th Youth Elite F
Sawyer Willingham 4th Youth Elite M
Matt Stanley 9th Youth Elite M
Seth Rider 21st Youth Elite M
Johanna Gartman 5th Junior Elite F
Luke Farkas 5th Junior Elite M
Hunter Honeycutt 11th Junior Elite M
Med McDonald 34th Junior Elite M
SE Junior Team Results for June 2010
Buster Britton Triathlon, Pelham, AL, 6/12/10
Luke Farkas 57:36, 1st Overall M
Devon Dabney 1:09:42, 2nd Overall F
Alex Marshall 1:04:03, 1st 13-15M
Matt Stanley 1:09:38, 2nd 13-15M
Will James 1:15:13, 3rd 13-15M
Jake Fikse 1:15:13, 3rd 13-15M
Seth Rider 1:15:55, 5th 13-15M
Caden Ewing 1:16:41, 6th 13-15M
Ashley Powell 1:20:37, 1st 13-15F
Madison Honeycutt 1:25:54, 2nd 13-15F
Delaney Miller 1:26:45, 3rd 13-15F
Hunter Honeycutt 1:00:00, 1st 16-19M
Matt Schaefer 1:00:54, 2nd 16-19M
Jacob Shults 1:07:11, 3rd 16-19M
Morgan Marable 1:08:32, 5th 16-19M
Alex Dayton 44:10, 1st Overall M Aquabike
Rock n Roll Sprint Triathlon, Macon, GA, 6/5/10
Devon Dabney 1:13:02, 2nd Overall F, 1st 13-15F
Hannah Meadows 1:15:21, 3rd Overall F, 2nd 13-15F
Madison Honeycutt 1:23:04, 7th Overall F, 3rd 13-15F
Ashley Powell 1:25:08, 9th Overall F, 4th 13-15F
Delaney Miller, 1:34:28, 5th 13-15F
Nicole Chrzanowski 1:43:28, 6th 13-15F
Luke Farkas 1:02:59, 2nd Overall M, 1st 16-19M
Hunter Honeycutt 1:05:50, 3rd Overall M, 2nd 16-19M
Matt Schaefer 1:06:51, 4th Overall M, 3rd 16-19M
Patrick Obrien 1:08:55, 6th Overall M, 4th 16-19M
Jacob Shults 1:10:05, 8th Overall M, 5th 16-19M
Med McDonald 1:10:55, 11th Overall M, 6th 16-19M
Cody Dorsey 1:15:27, 7th 16-19M
Alex Marshall 1:07:08, 5th Overall M, 1st 13-15M
Zion Gray 1:13:55, 2nd 13-15M
Jake Fikse 1:14:14, 3rd 13-15M
Will James 1:18:02, 4th 13-15M
Matt Stanley 1:18:46, 5th 13-15M
Seth Rider 1:20:22, 6th 13-15M
SE Junior Team Results for May 2010
PATCO Junior Triathlon Pan American Championships, Ixtapa, Mexico 5/22/10
Luke Farkas :54:02, 14th Overall, 1st USA
Johanna Gartman 1:01:42, 16th Overall, 4th USA
Luke Farkas and Johanna Gartman were members of the US squad that competed at the PATCO Pan American Junior Triathlon Championships in Mexico in May.  On race morning the officials decided the seas were too dangerous (huge waves!) and changed the 750m/20k/5k draft legal triathlon to a 2k/20k/5k draft legal duathlon.  Luke and Johanna adapted well to the last minute change and both put in fine performances. Their finishes were significant in assuring the US is eligible for the maximum number of entries (3) per country for the ITU Junior Triathlon World Championships.
11 Global Olympic Distance Triathlon, Reynolds Plantation, GA
Hannah Meadows 2:33:59, 3rd Overall F
11 Global Olympic Aquathlon 200yd swim/1mi Run, Reynolds Plantation, GA
Clay Marshall 8:23, 1st Overall
Dirty Spokes Mt. Tabor 4 Mile Trail Run, GA Alex Marshall 28:00, 1st Overall
Baxley Tree Fest Triathlon, GA   Ashley Powell, 1st Overall F
Clemson Triathlon, Clemson, SC, 5/15/10
Johanna Gartman 1:04:54, 2nd Overall F, 1st 16-19F
Devon Dabney 1:08:14, 5th Overall F, 1st 13-15F
Hannah Meadows 1:09:20, 6th Overall F, 2nd 13-15F
Sarah Kate Gartman 1:13:33, 3rd 13-15F
Ashley Powell 1:18:26, 4th 13-15F
Nicole Chrzanowski 1:21:48, 5th 13-15F
Madison Honeycutt 1:23:21, 6th 13-15F
Allison James 1:25:05, 7th 13-15F
Luke Farkas 0:57:51, 1st Overall M, 1st 16-19M
Hunter Honeycutt 1:01:58, 8th Overall M, 2nd 16-19M
Sawyer Willingham 1:02:35, 9th Overall M, 1st 13-15M
Patrick Obrien 1:02:48, 10th Overall M, 3rd 16-19M
Christopher Brahm 1:03:30, 11th Overall M, 4th 16-19M
Alex Marshall 1:05:37, 2nd 13-15M
Matt Schaefer 1:06:15, 5th 16-19M
Med McDonald 1:07:08, 6th 16-19M
Zion Gray 1:10:02, 3rd 13-15M
Jake Fikse 1:11:13, 4th 13-15M
Cody Dorsey 1:13:23, 7th 16-19M
Will James 1:14:15, 5th 13-15M
Clay Marshall 1:16:06, 6th 13-15M
Turtle Crawl Triathlon, GA 5/16/10
Jennifer Walz 2:34:00, 1st Overall F
SE Junior Team Results for April 2010
Duathlon Junior National Championships, Richmond, VA, 4/25/10
Hunter Honeycutt 51:36, 4th 16-19M
Seth Rider 1:04:56, 8th 13-15M
Madison Honeycutt 1:10:51, 5th 13-15F
Scenic City Triathlon, Chattanooga, TN, 4/25/10
Patrick Obrien 1:03:42, 1st Overall M
Johanna Gartman 1:14:05, 2nd Overall F
Sarah Kate Gartman 1:17:10, 1st U19F
Tri the Parks John Tanner, GA, 4/24/10
Matt Schaefer 1:00:09, 1st 15-19M, 10th Overall
Matt Stanley 1:07:22, 1st U14M
Jake Fiske 1:09:10, 2nd U14M
Will James 1:07:58, 3rd 15-19M
Cody Dorsey 1:11:34, 5th 15-19M
Meek and Mighty Triathlon, St. Petersburg, FL, 4/24/10
Jennifer Walz, 1st Overall F
New Orleans 70.3, New Orleans, LA, 4/18/10
Patrick Obrien 4:45:16, 2nd 18-19M
Paris Mountain Triathlon, SC, 4/17/10
Sawyer Willingham 1:44:21, 1st U19M, 11th Overall
Los Locos Duathlon, Memphis, TN, 4/3/10
Seth Rider 1:16:53, 1st 13-15M
SE Junior Team USAT 2009 Year End Rankings
Congratulations to the following athletes listed in the USAT 2009 year end rankings:
Luke Farkas, 11 Junior Elite M, 6 16-17M All-American
Johanna Gartman, 8 Junior Elite F
Hunter Honeycutt, 6 Youth Elite M, 4 13-15M All-American
Genny Pittman, 21 Youth Elite F
Christopher Brahm, 10 16-17M HM All-American
Sawyer Willingham, 7 13-15M All-American
Jennifer Walz, 2 18-19F All-American
Devon Dabney, 5 13-15F All-American
Hannah Meadows, 6 13-15F HM All-American
Joseph Welsh named 2009 Junior Men's Age Group Triathlete of the Year
Southeast Junior Team member Joseph Welsh, 19, of Cordova, TN was named USA Triathlon's Junior Men's Age Group Triathlete of the Year. His top performances in 2009 included 1st AG / 15th overall USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship and 12th AG ITU World Championship in Gold Coast, Australia.  Joseph attends Lees-McRae College in NC.
SE Junior Team Results for August 2009
Aug. 22, USAT Age Group National Championships, Tuscaloosa, AL
Joseph Welsh 2:01:12, 1st 18-19M, 15th Overall M
Jennifer Walz 2:34:10, 1st 18-19F
Aug. 22, Peachtree City Triathlon, GA
Devon Dabney 1:07:18, 1st Overall F (age 14!)
Hannah Meadows 1:09:28, 1st U15F, 4th Overall F
Sara Kate Gartman, 1:17:54, 3rd U15F
Ali James 1:23:32, 5th U15F
Johanna Gartman 1:10:23, 1st 16-19F
Luke Farkas 1:00:41,2nd Overall M, 1st 16-19M
Christopher Brahm 1:01:17, 3rd Overall M, 2nd 16-19M
Patrick Obrien 1:03:18, 3rd 16-19M
Med McDonald 1:07:57, 4th 16-19M
Hunter Honeycutt 1:03:34, 1st U15M
Sawyer Willingham 1:05:21, 2nd U15M
Will James 1:09:21, 3rd U15M
Matthew Stanley 1:10:50, 4th U15M
Aug. 16, Fall Creek Falls Triathlon, TN
Alex Dayton 2:21:35, 1st 16-19, 11th Overall
Aug. 16, Greenville Triathlon, SC
Sawyer Willingham 1:05:49, 1st U15, 13th Overall
Aug. 9, Ironkids Triathlon, Oklahoma City, OK
Seth Rider 51:50, 2nd age 12M
Hunter Honeycutt (3rd on left) and Matt Stanley (1st on right).  Congratulations!
Aug. 8, Youth&Youth/Junior Elite National Championships, Colorado Springs, CO
Matt Stanley 32:13,1st 11-12 Youth National Champion!
Hunter Honeycutt 32:51, 3rd Youth Elite Male
Johanna Gartman 1:07:49, 4th Junior Elite Women
Luke Farkas 1:01:42, 6th Junior Elite Male
Med McDonald 1:11:32, 51st Junior Elite Male
Genny Pittman 39:08, 17th Youth Elite Female
Sara Gartman 41:52, 27th Youth Elite Female
Seth Rider 35:49, 13th 11-12 Youth Boys
Madison Honeycutt 39:23, 17th 11-12 Youth Girls
Aug. 8, Mountain Lakes Triathlon, Guntersville, AL
Devon Dabney 1:16:13, 4th OA F, 1st 13-15F
Joseph Welsh 1:04:34, 3rd OA M, 1st 16-19M
Hannah Meadows 1:20:26, 2nd 13-15F
Ali James 1:36:33, 3rd 13-F
Christopher Brahm 1:07:13, 2nd 16-19M
Patrick Obrien 1:10:08, 3rd 16-19M
Alec Dayton 1:15:35, 5th 16-19M
Hal Hanson 1:18:19, 6th 16-19M
Jacob Shults 1:23:01, 8th 16-19M
Alec Marshall 1:17:05, 1st 13-15M
Will James 1:21:20, 3rd 13-15M
Aug. 2, Aquathlon National Championships, Canton, NC
Sawyer Willingham 39:56 (20:31 swim, 18:09 run), 6th Overall, 1st 13-15M
Alex Marshall 40:29 (20:14 swim, 19:01 run), 10th Overall, 2nd 13-15M
Jennifer Walz 45:45 (21:05 swim, 22:58 run), 3rd 16-19F
SE Junior Team Results for July 2009
July 26, Music City Sprint Triathlon, Nashville, TN
Luke Farkas 57:30, 1st Overall M
Joy Van Ryckeghem 1:19:04, 1st U15 F
Hope Van Ryckeghem 1:20:21, 2nd U15 F
Alex Marable 1:26:36, 3rd U15 F
July 26, Music City Olympic Triathlon, Nashville, TN
Joseph Welsh 2:05:03, 1st 16-19 M
Alec Hembree 2:11:10, 2nd 16-19 M
Morgan Marable 2:26:40, 3rd 16-19 M
July 19, Strawberry Fields Junior Elite Triathlon, Oxnard, CA
Joseph Welsh 11th Junior Male, 1:00:03
Luke Farkas 15th Junior Male, 1:00:51
Johanna Gartman 11th Junior Female, 1:08:53
July 18 Wet Dog Triathlon, Decatur, AL – Christopher Brahm 47:45 2nd Overall M
July 18, Mistletoe Triathlon, GA – Devon Dabney 1:09:17, 3rd Overall F
July 12, Black Fly Triathlon, Waterville Valley, NH    Seth Rider 5th U19
July 12, Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon, Chattanooga, TN
Joseph Welsh 2:09:48, 1st 16-19M and 1st Tennessee finisher qualifying for Best of the US Triathlon Championship.
Christopher Brahm 2:13:10, 2nd 16-19M
Patrick Obrien 2:26:53, 5th 16-19M
Jennifer Walz 2:44:26, 2nd 16-19 F
July 11, Sunfish Summer Triathlon, Meridian, MS
Luke Farkas 1:09:25, 1st Overall M
Devon Dabney 1:22:33, 1st 13-15F
Genny Pittman 1:24:32, 2nd 13-15F
Matt Stanley 1:26:51, 1st U12M
Hunter Honeycutt 1:13:00, 1st 13-15M
Caden Ewing 1:27:40, 2nd 13-15M
Alec Hembree 1:13:41, 2nd 16-19M
Med McDonald 1:25:46, 4th 16-19M
SE Junior Team Results for June 2009
June 27, Old Hickory Triathlon, Nashville, TN
Joseph Welsh 57:52, 2nd Overall M
June 27, Indian Springs Triathlon, GA
Hannah Meadows 1:21:10, 1st U14F, 7th OA F
June 27, Sharks and Seals Kid’s Triathlon, Knoxville, TN
Joy Van Ryckeghem 37:11, 1st 13-15F
Hope Van Ryckeghem 46:19, 5th 13-15F
Alex Marable, 6th 13-15F
June 21, Tellico Sprint Triathlon, Lenoir City, TN
Christopher Brahm 1:17:16, 1st Overall M
Matt Schaefer 1:20:21, 3rd Overall M
Jennifer Walz 1:30:10, 2nd Overall F
Hannah Meadow 1:32:31, 1st U15 F
Devon Dabney 1:36:30, 2nd U15 F
Seth Rider 1:45:12, 2nd U15 M
Patrick Obrien 1:20:52, 1st 16-19 M
Alec Hembree 1:20:57, 2nd 16-19 M
Alex Dayton 1:25:22, 3rd 16-19 M
Morgan Marable 1:26:13, 4th 16-19 M
Jacob Shults 1:26:26, 5th 16-19 M
Hal Hansen 1:29:22, 6th 16-19 M
June 13, Lake Hartwell 5k Swim, SC – Sawyer Willingham 1:13, 8th 13-14
June 13, Buster Britton Triathlon, Pelham, AL
Joseph Welsh 56:41, 3rd Overall M           Johanna Gartman 1:05:06, 1st Overall F
Matt Stanley 1:10:19, 1st U12 M                           Seth Rider 1:13:01, 2nd U12 M
Madison Honeycutt 1:24:41, 1st U12 F      Hunter Honeycutt 1:00:49, 1st 13-15 M
Alex Marshall 1:06:19, 2nd 13-15 M                   Will James 1:08:33, 3rd 13-16 M
Caden Ewing 1:17:06, 6th 13-15 M                 Genny Pittman 1:08:38, 1st 13-15 F
Devon Dabney 1:11:07, 2nd 13-15 F     Joy Van Ryckeghem 1:17:16, 3rd 13-15 F
Luke Farkas 58:10, 1st 16-19 M         Hope Van Ryckeghem 1:19:45, 4th 13-15 F
Christopher Brahm 59:08, 2nd 16-19 M         Matt Schaefer 1:00:07, 3rd 16-19 M
Alec Hembree 1:02:51, 4th 16-19 M                 Jacob Shults 1:02:59, 5th 16-19 M
Morgan Marable 1:04:04, 6th 16-19 M       Med McDonald 1:06:57, 7th 16-19 M
Alex Dayton 1:08:01, 8th 16-19 M                     Taylor Lego 1:35:17, 1st 16-19 F
Ashton Lego 2nd 16-19 F
June 7, Middle TN Youth Triathlon, Nashville, TN
Joy Van Ryckeghem 33:23, 1st age 14           Alex Marable 39:30, 2nd age 14
Hope Van Ryckeghem 34:45, 1st age 13
June 6, Festival of Flowers Triathlon, SC
Jennifer Walz 2:17:50, 4th Overall F, 1st 16-19F
Sawyer Willingham 2:10:57, 15th Overall M, 1st 13-15M
SE Junior Team Results for May 2009
May 31, Bump n Grind Mountain Bike Race, Birmingham, AL
Seth Rider 14:07, 1st 11-12 juniors
May 30, Middle Tyger Triathlon, Spartanburg, SC
Sawyer Willingham 1:10:39, 2nd Overall M
May 30, Macon Sprint Triathlon, Macon, GA:
Luke Farkas, 1st Overall M               Johanna Gartman, 1st Overall F
Patrick O'brien, 2nd 16-19M             Hannah Meadows, 1st 13-15F, 3rd OA F
Christopher Brahm, 3rd 16-19M       Sarah Gartman, 2nd 13-15F
Med McDonald, 4th 16-19M            Hunter Honeycutt, 1st 13-15M
Alex Marshall, 2nd 13-15M               Matt Stanley, 1st U12 M
Caden Ewing, 3rd 13-15M                Seth Rider, 2nd U12 M
Will James, 4th 13-15M
May 25, Foothills Triathlon, Maryville, TN
Alex Dayton 52:34, 1st Overall
May 25, GJCC Triathlon, Nashville, TN:
Luke Farkus 38:21, 1st Overall M 
Hannah Meadows 47:11, 3rd Overall F
Morgan Marable 44:04, 1st 15-19 M, 5th Overall
Hope Van Ryckeghem 50:50, 1st 12-14 F, 8th Overall F
Joy Van Ryckeghem 50:52, 2nd 12-14 F, 9th Overall F
Alex Marable 57:31, 3rd 12-14 F
May 23, Xterra Sport Triathlon, Pelham, AL:   
Caden Ewing 2:37:59, 1st 15-19, 11th Overall
May 16, Turtle Crawl Triathlon, Jekyll Island, GA:
Jennifer Walz, 2:07:53, 1st Overall F       
May 16, PATCO Pan American Championships, Oklahoma City, OK:
Johanna Gartman, 1:11:46, 24th overall, 8th USA.
May 16, Clemson Triathlon, Clemson, SC:
Hannah Meadows 1:12:29, 1st 13-15, 9th Overall F
Madison Honeycutt 1:29:35, 1st U12.
Hunter Honeycutt 1:02:06, 1st 13-15, 7th Overall M
Sawyer Willingham 1:02:18, 2nd 13-15, 9th Overall M
Matt Schaefer 1:04:23, 1st 16-19, 16th Overall M
Morgan Marable 1:05:31, 2nd 16-19
Patrick O’Brien 1:06:14, 3rd 16-19
Med McDonald 1:07:13, 4th 16-19
Will Reynolds 1:10:46, 5th 16-19
Matt Stanley 1:13:36, 1st U12.
May 10, Kids Tri 2 Triathlon, Destin, FL: Caden Ewing, 26:38, 1st Overall
SE Junior Team Results for April 2009
April 26: Scenic City Triathlon, Chattanooga, TN
Patrick O’brien, 1:05:35, 1st 15-19 and 5th Overall M
Johanna Gartman, 1:10:45, 1st Overall F
Sara Kate Gartman, 1:26:56, 1st U14F
April 26: USAT Duathlon National Championships, Richmond, VA:
Seth Rider, 20:34, 1st Overall Youth National Championship
Alex Marshall, 1:05:38, 10th Overall and 3rd 13-15 Junior National Championship
April 26: Historic Roswell Criterium, GA
Matt Stanley, 4th Juniors 10-12
Alex Dayton, 5th Juniors 15-16.
April 26: St. Anthony’s Triathlon, FL:  Taylor Lego, 2:45:49, 11th 15-19.
April 25: John Tanner Tri the Parks, GA
Hannah Meadow, 1:08:45, 1st U14F, 13th overall F
Matt Stanley, 1:09:14, 1st U14M.
April 25: Fort Yargo Xterra Triathlon, Winder, GA:  Caden Ewing, 2:34:10.
April 19: TriDeltathon Triathlon, Knoxville, TN:
Hal Hanson, 50:02, 1st 15-19
Alex Dayton, 54:25, 5th 15-19
April 19: Greenwood YMCA Triathlon, SC:
Sawyer Willingham, 58:06, 4th Overall, 1st 13-15
Will Reynolds, 1:01:05, 10th Overall, 1st 16-19.
 April 18: 2012 Talent ID Triathlon (draft legal), Lubbock, TX:
Johanna Gartman, 1:16:36, 7th Overall, 1st Junior
April 18: Magic City Duathlon, Birmingham, AL:
Hunter Honeycutt, 57:01, 2nd Overall
Med McDonald, 1:00:59, 9th Overall, 2nd U19
Genny Pittman, 1:09:41, 1st U19 F
Seth Rider, 1:14:20, 4th U19 M
Madison Honeycutt was first overall for boys and girls at the Magic City Kids Duathlon.
April 5: Hammer Duathlon, TN: Patrick O’brien, 1:21:22, 2nd Overall
SE Junior Team Results for March 2009
March 28-29: Tour de Tuscaloosa Criterium and Road Race, AL:
Matt Stanley, 5th Junior 10-12 Crit, 2nd Junior 10-12 Road Race
Alex Dayton, 4th Junior 15-16 Crit, 3rd Junior 15-16 Road Race
March 29: Triad Crush Xterra Sprint Triathlon, Miami, FL:
Caden Ewing, 1:34:17, 6th Overall
Southeast Region Junior Team Photo
Front row: Hope Van Ryckeghem, Sara Kate Gartman, Madison Honeycutt, Hannah Meadows.
Back row: Alex Marable, Genny Pittman, Devon Dabney,
Joy Van Ryckeghem, Johanna Gartman.
Front row: Caden Ewing, Morgan Marable, Alex Marshall, Luke Farkas, Matt Stanley, Hunter Honeycutt.
Middle row: Seth Rider, Will James, Christopher Brahm, Alec Hembree, Sawyer Willingham.
Back row: Hal Hanson, Med McDonald, Matt Schaeffer, Alex Dayton, Patrick O'brien, Jacob Shults.
SE Junior Team named High Performance Team
In recognition of the team's fine organization and performances during the 2008 season, USA Triathlon named the Southeast Junior Team a USAT High Performance Team in 2009.  The team is one of only five new teams in the country to gain such status this year.  This is a big honor for such a young team!
High Performance Teams play an integral role in the identification, recruitment, development, and age-appropriate competitive preparation of emerging youth elite, junior elite and senior elite athletes.  The goal being to develop well-rounded athletes capable of success at the highest levels of competition and progression within the USAT Sport Performance Program.
2009 SE Junior Team Roster
The Southeast Region is pleaseed to announce the following roster of athletes who have been selected for the 2009 Southeast Junior Team:
Junior Women
Johanna Gartman            Chattanooga, TN
Jennifer Walz                  Savannah, GA
Ashton Lego                   Fayetteville, GA
Taylor Lego                    Fayetteville, GA
Youth Women
Genny Pittman                 Birmingham, AL
Devon Dabney                Atlanta, GA
Joy Van Ryckeghem        Franklin, TN
Hannah Meadows           Atlanta, GA
Sarah Kate Gartman       Chattanooga, TN
Alex Marable                  Franklin, TN
Madison Honeycutt         Tifton, GA
Allison James                  Peachtree City, GA
Hope Van Ryckeghem    Franklin, TN
Junior Men
Alec Hembree                 Germantown, TN
Christopher Brahm          Huntsville, AL
Thomas Jacob Shults       Owens Cross Roads, AL
Will Reynolds                  Abbeville, SC
Luke Farkas                    Franklin, TN
Patrick O'brien                Mc Donald, TN
Alex Dayton                    Kingsport, TN
Hal Hansen                      Oak Ridge, TN
Morgan Marable              Franklin, TN
Medford McDonald         Tifton, GA
Matthew Schaefer            Norcross, GA
Youth Men
Sawyer Willingham          Simpsonville, SC
Hunter Honeycutt            Tifton, GA
Alex Marshall                  Alpharetta, GA
Matthew Stanley             Acworth, GA
Caden Ewing                   Destin, FL
Seth Rider                       Germantown, TN
Will James                       Peachtree City, GA
Team History (founded in 2008)
Starting in 2008 the Southeast Regional Board took the initiative to make youth and junior athlete development within the region a major priority by creating the first ever Southeast Region Junior Team.  Board members selected 15 male and 15 female youth (13-15) and junior (16-19) aged athletes from the region to comprise the team.  Talented athletes were selected from each of the states within the region so they could serve as ambassadors and role models to other young athletes in the SE Region (TN, AL, GA, MS, SC, FL panhandle).
Team members were outfitted with custom SE Region logo race attire, podium shirts, and other gear.  Race directors within the SE Region provided discounted entries for team members to age appropriate regional and state sprint championship races within the region.  Team members were also required to volunteer at a local multisport event as well as compete in their state sprint championship races.
The team kicked off the season with a training camp hosted in Tuscaloosa, AL where they got to meet their fellow teammates and parents and spent the weekend working with USAT athlete development manager Justin Trolle and other coaches from the SE Region.  From there they took the skills learned and new friendships developed and hit the race circuit with fury!
Nearly every youth or junior 2008 Regional or State Championship title was won by a SE Region Junior Team member.  Team members Thomas Pilliod (GA) and Jennifer Walz (GA) won the Junior Regional Sprint titles while Christopher Brahm (AL) and Ginny Pittman (AL) captured the Youth Regional Sprint titles at the Mountain Lakes Triathlon in AL.  The team also competed well outside of the region with Johanna Gartman (TN) taking third female and Hunter Honeycutt (GA) taking seventh male at the USAT Youth Elite National Championships in Colorado Springs, CO.  Seasoned junior team members Joseph Welsh (TN) won a silver medal at the ITU Age Group World Championships in Vancouver, Canada and Kelsey Markham (TN) won the under 19 title at the USAT National Age Group Championships in Portland, OR.  Also competing on a national level were TN residents Joy Van Ryckeghem and Luke Farkas who raced at the Hy-Vee Youth Elite triathlon in Des Moines, IA where Luke placed third.
The Southeast Region Board is very proud of the accomplishments of the team and is looking forward to expanding the team in 2009 and continuing to support the youth and junior athletes in the Southeast.  Development of these athletes is in accordance to USAT athlete development guidelines which encourages young athletes to compete in age appropriate sprint distance races and strongly discourages racing at longer distances until more mature.
2008 SE Junior Team Roster
Female - Junior Team (16-19)
Jennifer Walz - Savvanah, GA (17)
Kelsey Markham - Collierville, TN (19)
Adrienne Hembree - Germantown, TN (19)
Courtney Koehl - Crossville, TN (18)
Taylor Chapman - Moore, SC (19)
Taylor Lego - Fayetteville, GA (17)
Mary Cypher - Birmingham, AL (19)
Hannah Brunson - Florence, SC (16)
Leah Scroggins - Warrior, AL (16)
Lauren Kester - Duluth, GA (15)
Male - Junior Team (16-19)
Thomas Pilliod - Marietta, GA (19)
Alec Hembree - Germantown, TN (17)
Joseph Welsh - Cordova, TN (18)
Conrad Taylor - Birmingham, AL (15)
Will Reynolds - Abbeville, SC (18)
Andrew Lagasse - Roswell, GA (17)
Will Ficklen - Griffin, GA (18)
Richard (Ricky) Schulte - Knoxville, TN (16)
Jacob Schuts - Owens Crossroads, AL (15)
Female - Youth Team (13-15)
Katie June - Roswell, GA (15)
Johanna Gartman - Chattanooga, TN (15)
Genny Pittman - Birmingham, AL (13)
Devon Dabney - Atlanta, GA (13)
Joy Van Ryckeghem - Franklin, TN (13)
Ashton Lego - Fayetteville, GA (15)
Male - Youth Team (13-15)
Christopher Brahm - Huntsville, AL (15)
Sawyer Willingham - Simpsonville, SC (12)
Lukas Farkas - Frankin, TN (15)
Hunter Honeycutt - Tifton, GA (14)
Alex Marshall - Alpharetta, GA (13)
Samuel Ammons - Mary Esther, FL (15)
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